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Mr. Dobkin is in a realm of his own. I have never felt so comfortable and confident trusting another attorney. From the initial treatment of his office staff to being addressed by the man himself I can say with confidence- I have not been treated with as much dignity and understanding as I encountered with Mr. Dobkin and his staff anywhere else in Miami or Florida for that matter. His attention to detail and dedication blew me away and honestly, that caliber of service is priceless in these matters. The degree of importance and respect delivered by Mr. Dobkin is second to none and I would highly recommend him and his talent to any family or friend in heartbeat!


I’ve been a client of Mr. Dobkin for close to 18 years. He’s been extremely helpful in providing sound advice and counsel for the needs of my family. He’s very friendly and approachable which makes interacting with him entertaining at times. I’m very confident in his abilities to prove a positive outcome. Looking forward to many years of successful business in the future.


I first met Joe when he conducted one of my mediations. He was a delight to have as the mediator, providing a voice of reason in conjunction with a demeanor of tranquility. I appreciated that he remained in a neutral and attentive posture throughout the mediation. Since that time, I have witnessed him in courtroom practice for several years. His experience and his demonstrated knowledge of the multiple areas of the law qualify him as an excellent candidate for mediation, legal consultation, and legal representation.


Called Joseph M. Dobkin law offices on a Friday afternoon around 4pm. With questions of high urgency. I was thinking at this time on a Friday like other offices I wouldn’t be able to speak to anyone. But to my surprise not only did I speak to him and had a wonderful conversation, his legal advice and suggestions on how to move forward and handle my situation was of top-notch advice. I followed his advice down to the last detail and sure enough, it worked in my favor could not be any happier choosing this law firm to help handle my situation. And even though my case was not one that was big enough to really need a lawyer to go to court he was very honest and upfront but did offer to help me in my endeavor should I need assistance. If you’re looking for an honest lawyer who truly takes to handle your situation as if it was his very own this is your spot. Very professional, honest, and caring
which in this day in age is a trait not many possess. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone and for any of my future needs. And thanks again
for all your help.


Great service, definitely recommend Joseph to anyone seeking meticulous legal advice. The level of professionalism, empathy, and experience that Mr.Dobkin exhibited during my case was phenomenal. If you are searching for the perfect attorney, you’ve found him!


Mr. Dobkin and his staff have great integrity. Once he gets the necessary information to determine whether or not you have a case and he can represent he takes the time to educate you and is very diligent about getting all the facts in order. He would rather not take a case and explain to you why he will not take it than take it and waste your time and money. To him, it is very important to create a realistic expectation from the onset. I was a client once, have gone back for advice and highly recommend him.


I was referred to Mr. Dobkin from my legal plan and he was an absolute God-send. His knowledge of the law, court systems, and even the Judge in my case was on point. His experience is incomparable. He is very personable and speaks to you as an equal and even gives personal insight. He genuinely cared how my case went and walked me through just about every step. I will refer him to all of my friends and colleagues, and will no doubt, use his firm again. Exceptional service!


Joe Dobkin is an excellent attorney I can recommend without question. I’ve worked with Joe for many years and will continue to do so in the future. Joe is knowledgeable and always eager to help. He’s also active in giving back to our community and takes the initiative to lend his expertise when needed. He’s a man of integrity, character, and shows deep concern for his clients. I value both our professional and personal friendship.


I am so glad that I found Mr. Dobkin! After some terrible experiences with several lawyers, I found him through a friend who was a former client of his. He is a well-kept secret, who should market himself more. He has a wealth of expertise, possesses a caring attitude, with commitment and integrity that you just don’t come across much these days. He is very cerebral, yet a lot of fun to work with. I was extremely upset about what I had experienced when I started with him and he put me at ease so he could get to the heart of my case. He carefully gave me his rules and boundaries for working with him. I gathered that if he could not help me or could not get the results that I was seeking—then he would not take my case. Within a short time period, I got amazing results! I could never thank him more and feel deeply indebted to him. He reminded me several times (with a smile) to remember: Michael Jackson had only one “Thriller.” If you need legal counsel, he is worth his weight in gold, regardless of price.


I had the pleasure of speaking with Attorney Dobkin today for the first time, and I could not have been more pleased. For someone with his level of experience and extensive expertise, Mr. Dobkin was surprisingly and refreshingly down-to-earth! He was incredibly patient in listening to my issues, and when he gave me his opinions, he did so with a finessed balance of legal theory and practical application. He would tell me what the legal right thing to do would be, but also balanced that with the “real-world likelihood” of the success of the legal option. I felt like I could weigh all options, rather than feeling like I was being forced one way or another. More than anything, Mr. Dobkin seemed to emphasize conversation and informal agreement rather than jumping to litigation or legal action – encouraging me to try to talk through my issues with my adversary, rather than just trying to sue. Unlike many other attorneys I’ve worked with here in South Florida, Mr. Dobkin never once was preachy, condescending, or impatient during our discussion. Nor did he seem like he was just trying to bill hours! Instead, he really demonstrated himself to be an advocate who was interested in giving me advice on how best to proceed with my situation. I also was happy to find out that his Legal Assistant has worked alongside him for almost 30 years! That shows the kind of person he is, to inspire and demonstrate such loyalty. I would have no hesitation about referring him to anyone, and honestly am looking for other problems that I think his office can help solve! I know this was a wordy review…but I was pretty happy with what I experienced today!


I was very fortunate to have found the Law Offices of Joseph M. Dobkin. This is not the first time that I have used their services. One word would describe why I would recommend the services of this particular law office. Care, the law office cares about your situation. Both Mr. Dobkin and his legal assistant Patty will provide to you the very best in courtesy, compassion, and understanding. If you need a law office with experience and knowledge, the Law Offices of Joseph M Dobkin would be recommended. This law office will provide the 5-star service that you so richly deserve.


He’s a man with not only an amazing knowledge of the law but with an amazing heart who still believes in core values that are no longer adhered to in today’s society. He listens intently to everything that has to be said or needs to be addressed. I would highly recommend Mr. Dobkin for anyone!!! He will definitely always be not only my attorney but my friend. If you need help he’s the man for the job!!!!!


Mr. Dobkin and Patty handled my legal issues with everything that matters most….professionalism, expertise, respect, empathy, and with me most of all, patience. Thank you guys for your exceptional service and friendship!


Attorney Dobkin is literally the BEST ATTORNEY in Miami. He easily handles your cases and goes ABOVE & Beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend retaining Attorney Dobkin for your legal matters. He’s top-notch.


Joseph Dobkin is an outstanding lawyer, he responded immediately to our case and jumped into action without delay. He listened to us about our case with a careful ear. He made us feel like we were important and once we got to know him we could see he is the type of person that genuinely cares about people. He always took our calls (sometimes late at night) and he responded to all our questions. The smart advice he gave us was spot on and very effective. I never met a lawyer like Joe Dobkin before and I would highly recommend him. You are in good hands with Joe.


The Law Offices of Joseph M Dobkin is a 5-star firm that offers personalized service adjusting to the individual’s schedule and always receiving prompt services. Attorney Joseph Dobkin goes out of his way to assure the individual understands their case at a 360 view and places himself in the individual’s position. Highly recommended firm.


This is the 2nd time I have worked with Mr. Dobkin and his assistant, Patty. Each time they have been an absolute pleasure to work with and even better…both cases were dismissed!!.. I would recommend them to all my family and friends.


Joseph Dobkin is an exceptional lawyer. He is results-oriented and is persistent in achieving his goals. Tenacity and integrity are his strongest core competencies which enable him to drive the best outcomes for his clients. Joseph is honest, straightforward, and takes the time to explain his approach (and the various options available) to resolve a myriad of complex challenges. I have trusted Joseph with my legal needs for years and he always (always!!) delivers results. In addition, his assistant Patty is knowledgeable and keeps me informed (with regular updates, documentation, and encouragement) every step of the way. This is an Impressive law firm that has gone above-and-beyond time and time again. If you need someone in your corner to help you or protect you ~ look no further, you found him!


Joseph is the most professional, insightful, trustworthy and kind attorney that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Miami. He will go out of his way to ensure that all your questions and concerns have been addressed before you step out of his office. Mr. Dobkin’s experience speaks for itself, he lets his outstanding legal expertise do the talking. I am very content with the services provided by Joseph and his attentive staff; he has gained a loyal client for life. Thanks!


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